Rent Vehicle

You need to show a valid driving license and an ID/Passport during car handover process. The documents are to be shown in original and copies for office use. In case driving license/ Passport fail the necessary validations, Mufambi reserves the right to refuse car handover at any point of time.

Yes. Our cars are comprehensively insured.

What is not covered under Mufambi cover?

  1. Over speeding penalty.
  2. Penalties in case of accident.
  3. Traffic tickets
  4. Committing Illegal activities.
  5. Car returned with less fuel
  6. Car accessories (OEM fitted).
  7. Vehicle abuse cases like clutch, brake pad excess worn out, usage of Electrical items when car is not running and any driver negligence.
  8. Accident claims rejected on account of wrong declaration of details at the time of booking, due to unauthorised usage of vehicles

We have a 24 hour road side assist partner who will come to your rescue at any time

You will rent the car on a full tank, which must be returned on a full tank upon expiry of the hire.

Our Assurance

We currently offer 2 packages under limited km packages – 120 km and 200 km. Additional km driven on these two packages will be charged at $0.50 per excess kilometre. Our Unlimited km package has no cap – you may drive any number of kilometers if you select this package.

We are more than ready to give a car suitable for your requirements.