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Honda CRV

From $65.00
The Honda CR-V RD7 is a versatile and comfortable SUV, great for both city driving and weekend getaways. It features a spacious interior, reliable performance, and modern safety features. Rent a Honda CR-V RD7 for a practical and enjoyable ride.

Toyota Alphard

From $85.00
The Toyota Alphard is a premium minivan, offering luxury, comfort, and space. It comes with plush interiors, advanced features, and a smooth ride. Rent a Toyota Alphard for a first-class travel experience, perfect for family trips or business travel.

Toyota Hilux

From $120.00
The Toyota Hilux is a tough and reliable pickup truck, perfect for both off-road adventures and city driving. It offers plenty of power, great towing capacity, and advanced safety features, making it an ideal choice for any journey.

Toyota Fortuner

From $150.00
The Toyota Fortuner is a spacious and reliable SUV, ideal for family trips and off-road adventures. It features a powerful engine, advanced safety features, and a comfortable interior.

Isuzu KB300

From $100.00
The Isuzu KB300 is a robust and reliable pickup truck, perfect for tough terrains and heavy-duty tasks. It boasts strong performance, excellent towing capacity, and durability perfect for Zimbabwean roads.

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